Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Oh deary me. There has been so much happening I forgot to mention one of the ultimate highlights.... the launching of Duncan & Ebbet, Tristram Street in Hamilton. Toni and Craig have taken the plunge and have started their own business. I am so impressed. What an investment, what a dare!! Well done guys and I wish you EVERY success in the world. (www.duncanandebbett.co.nz)

I wanted to mark the day with a special splash of colour....! And Poppies in Hamilton did me proud. To top it off, it was Craig's birthday a few days later...so a hectic time was had by all.

I believe the interior of the showroom is also spectacular. Toni must have had a hand in that, being so talented in that area. The website is classy too. Well done once again.

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