Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday (again) 29th March 2012

With the speed of light the days turn into night. Before you know it we will be celebrating Christmas again. Still I aim to enjoy the coming months and take each moment as it comes. I think why I am noticing the changes in time so abruptly is due to the fact that I write these BLOGS. I suppose if I were to do it daily ( a promise I did make myself originally) I would relive the day all over again. Now all events are dumped on a heap - so to speak - and hence the speed at which I appear to zoom through life. Lighten up mum.

This week is a vast contrast to last week...happily enough. I started to feel a bit  human again round Thursday and picked up the pieces of a fragmented week. Yet another funeral too, oom Cees died the 3rd March and his darling wife, tante Mar the 18th of March. Together forever. They had known each other for 75 years. Can you imagine that? I can't. Anyway, it wasn't so much as it was a sad farewell, because at 88 the farewell was inevitable, but knowing they are now BOTH gone closed the book permenantly. Awesome people who enriched my life if only for an eyewink in their exsistance.

The past week I have been actively busy with my business venture, the OZMOZpot. I held two info meetings with invitees to gauge the interest, comments and possible drawbacks of the pot. It is important to me to get some feedback on the design before the actual production takes place. That way any cosmetic hohum can be ironed out. It was a completely enlightening and enjoyable activity. The photos are still on the camera and seeing the camera isn't within reach I will post them later.

All things being equal, and I have slogged at this, with fervour and willingness I might add, this product is sure to be a hit more in some circles than others. The practicality of the pot will be embraced with open arms in some circles and be a definite outcome for those who daren't "keep" a plant as they keep dying due to lack of attention.

Schools, offices and the like can also benefit from the user friendly system to help purify the air and bring some form of "pleasure feeling" in the surroundings for those using the spaces for work or whatever.

Anyway, I aim to do my utmost to get this product on the market and make my newly founded business a success. Then onward to the doors!!

On the home front, due to the lovely warm temperatures we have the MG parked out front. Yesterday was an ideal time to just "pop out" for an hour or so to have the breeze clear our heads ready for session 2 in the evening. Lovely. Today the roof stays on and we stay indoors... it is about 10 degrees cooler in  temperature and it's CHILLY.

I managed to connect an Extender today so I now have an internet connection "down in the garden" and am at this very moment in my "Wendy house" working. How peacefull is that? Awesome. I am a truly blessed person.

Well, I will sign off for now. The week is one I look back on with a positive "feel good" feeling. Achieved lots, kept my nose clean and have energy to spare ( well sort of).

TTFN xxx

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