Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday morning, bright and sunny. Wish I was. After a fun filled weekend with lots happening I woke Monday early hours only to discover it was 4:15 am and I felt horribly ill. A viral bug had found me, despite my comings and goings and settled in me and made my insides it's home banning all that housed there. YUKYUKYUK!! All I have had this winter was a bit of a cold. I didn't pay it much heed although it did lay me low for a day or so. Apparently I should have been more careful. Never mind. I am on the mend, keeping a low profile today so I can go about my business again tomorrow. Things to do people to see....

As I said, there were a number of fun things on the weekend. To the movies and dinner on Friday night with Harry and Hinriette. Saw Black Gold. I rate it a 6 to 7 max. Wasn't bad and the location was awesome which saved the day. Dinner at Kampong Kita (= our village) was as per usual a delicious experience.

Saturday evening we had the BIG event, Hinriette's 50th birthday bash. It was fun. About 40 odd guests and a good atmosphere. A diverse group of people and Hinriette's bubbly personality ensured we had a great night. A buffet style Tapas evening saw to it we didn't go hungry.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to attend the Annual start of the Convertible Season. A bit chilly, and I was already a bit "under the weather"  so we kept the roof on. Good too as it started to rain on and off. All in all a good trip and met some nice people. This was our first time on this tour, and we now know how this event is run.

There were 250 registered participants. That was also the maximum that were allowed to take part. We registered at 224....phew! Got in just in time. This event starts in Lelystad every year and is organised by the Fiat convertible club " Barchetta"

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