Thursday, 1 March 2012

Having a " different day than planned" today!

In March 2010 Leen, brother in law Arie, Harry and Hinriette and I went to Paris. We had a ball. Thursday till Sunday was one big holiday. We must do this again, we decided. So plot and plan we did! We booked from 1st of March till 5th March we would toddle off to London. A short week ago we heard out trip wasn't going ahead due to lack of bookings. Bummer. We have " rescheduled" so Leen is off to Newcastle with Harry and Arie. Saturday when they return, Arie goes home and Harry, Hinriette, Leen and I are off to Park the Hoge Veluwe in Hoenderloo. Two days and one night but really nice.
  Oh my, what a shiny red nose oma!!

Now that the departure day has arrived I can with all certainty say" thank goodness we aren't off to London". I think I would have had to stay home alone!!!!! So thank you all those who reneged and didn't book. You saved me a dissapointment. Now I can gleefully wallow in a bit of self pity, relax with hot toddies, bubble bath, electric blanket and some paracetemol. Sould be all unsnuffeled and clear eyed again by tomorrow, and Saturday at the latest.

Shows you how quickly the tide can change. Yesterday was a " pick of the bunch"  day. Got up reasonably early. Baked an appeltaart, straightened the lounge, washed and vacuumed the floors ( after  my painting episode) and got some yummy lunch items. At 11:00 friends arrived. Henk and Dicky Möhle from Barneveld. Leen has known Henk since his wee boy days and the contact has been maintained all these years. We had a lovely day...and as it was Wednesday ( Wednesday is fish lunch day with opaopa) we surprised opaopa when he came for his lunch. Who opened the door, Henk! Poor opaopa almost fainted. We lunched, laughed, went for a lovely walk in the Merwelanden and just enjoyed the day. Did already have the sniffles though but had hoped that they would just evaporate into thin air. After Henk and Dicky left Leen and I topped the day of with a quick bite at our favourite Greek restaurant.

Henk had previously availed himself to give me some guidance when it came to my business dealings. He himself a TOTALLY successful business man, and having an amazing network, insight and creative brain. It could be we see more of him in the future as he is a supporter of my quest and interested in seeing it succeed. I felt even more confident I was onto a good thing after my talk with him. So onward and upward we go.

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