Wednesday, 7 March 2012

After his wife died in January 1998 as a result of a brain haemorrhage, Leen's dad started coming over for lunch every Wednesday. It became FISH LUNCH DAY. Leen and his first wife Irene both had the Wednesday off so it became a "family lunch". After Irene died in January 2001, Leen and his dad continued the routine. Since my arrival on the scene in 2003 we saw no reason to change this ritual. Quite cool really. So today I will organise lunch as Leen is at a meeting and expected home round the time the fish will be on the table.
We don't eat the same dish every week, I try to bring some surprise elements into the lunch. Sometimes I buy "ready made"and sometimes I make something myself. It is a fun afternoon. During the exceptionally cold spells we take the lunch to Dordrecht where Leen's dad lives. It is too cold for him then to venture out. Health wise things are pretty good all things considered. He does battle with an oxygen shortage and cold temperatures and strong winds are his enemy. He prefers the warmer temperatures. At 83 he is still a remarkably independent person, cooking daily, drives and still does his own washing. He does have 3 hours a week home help for the heavier tasks like vacuuming and such like.

Leen senior and Leen junior enjoying their  fish menu on a Wednesday.

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