Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Today I just want to count my blessings

Today is my eldest son and his wife's wedding anniversary. I congratulate them and wish them many many more years of togetherness, love and sharing. A loving couple not spared sheer heartache but were magnificent in their battles. Generous, loving, open and honest. I am a grateful and thankful mum (+in-law). Being married isn't the end of a search for a partner but the start of an adventurous life journey together. I wish them a great continuation on the road they travel.

Last night I received a message from my eldest - a daughter. She and her family have returned safely home after their summer holidays. From the photos she sent during their stay and the looks on the children's faces, I am confident this holiday was a healing and restful one. After such a hectic year it was definitely time to take a step back for them as a family and spend time focussed on themselves. Oh how that warms my mother heart and fills me with gratitude. A new school year dawns- new challenges and experiences. Have a great year.

Three wee ones all wanting attention. A busy household, a working dad (my youngest son) and a totally focussed mum. I am also grateful for this beautiful family. Plenty of challenges, sleepless nights, runny noses and stubbed toes. Tear smudged faces and sparkly eyes. Impish, carefree, bubbly, entertaining and tiring. How wonderful to see these wee children be so loved and nurtured. My mother heart swells in pride and admiration.

I have a wonderful husband, a comfortable home, enough food in my cupboard, clothes in the wardrobe, car to get me from A to B, a bike to keep me fit, shoes on my feet, a full address book, an income that is sufficient, dreams to fulfill, health and energy, dreams and aspirations, golden friendships in abundance and many many more joys too many to mention.

Wow, what a richness, what a wealth, what a privilege. My joy knows no bounds.

What a wonderful world
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  1. Thank you for this reminder to count our blessings. We have much to be grateful for, and I am so thankful. Wishing your son and his wife a belated anniversary!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. Yes Karen, we sure do. I realised some time ago that I turned to prayer in need- before I turned in thanksgiving. Being human as I am, I do forget to start all my days in thanks- but am working on it! ;-)

      This morning the rain is ever present, wind too. Temperatures not so wonderful ( about 4 degrees) - yet I know I have great things to accomplish today- and Hi ho hi ho it's off to do them I go!


  2. Wat een mooie, spontane blog! Je warmt mijn hart op. Dank je wel.

    1. Bedankt voor het compliment Jedidja. Door de grote aantallen zegeningen is het mijn streven om elke dag hiervoor te danken - jammer genoeg lukt het niet altijd, maar ik doe mijn best. Dat helpt om de donkere dagen lichter te maken en ook bewust te blijven van alles waar ik dankbaar voor mag zijn.

      Jedidja, thank you so much for your compliment. I do so realise how many blessings I have had bestowed on me. It is my goal to give thanks for them daily - and I have to ashamedly admit, there are days in which I don't achieve that goal. Yet my blessings stay and are added to. These blessings and the awareness of them - brighten any dark day!

      Glad you enjoyed my blog and thanks for your visit.