Sunday, 14 September 2014

A balancing act

I wrote about CHALLENGES in my previous BLOG.

I have set a new goal - something to ACHIEVE.

I have only entered ONE appointment for the coming week.

I aim to keep the week APPOINTMENT FREE!

What I do see the need for however is:


Just so that the hours in the week don't end up slipping by unused - without potential or wasted!

I believe that I have lost the BALANCE between HEALTHY PLANNING and OVERKILL.

Wanting to do TOO MUCH -  Not being able to say NO, and

that because of this I achieve LESS than I would LIKE

At the end of the day I crash on the couch and am totally deflated and spent!

Somehow I don't believe that this is a good way of filling my evenings - blobbed out and all


It probably is something that slowly crept into my system - and it will take time to restore my activities time table - but my AIM is to SUCCEED in reclaiming my routine - slowly but surely.

How is your week shaping up?

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