Tuesday, 30 September 2014

An apology

Hi there dear readers

I am totally aware that some of my blogs have been somewhat WORDY of recent times.

Not sure how you feel about that - but I too sometimes 'wander off' when confronted with too much text.

My endeavour is to chop some of my contributions into halves or even threes - making them sorter to read and the follow up interesting.

So, don't leave me just yet - am working on my skills and hope to enthrall you for some time to come with those things which captivate me, excite me, uplift me and engage me.

Thank you for being patient and understanding.

Till next we meet

God Bless



  1. Haha, well... writing is learning, learning is writing... I do not read long blog posts, some people however love them... what can I say? Sometimes I have a lot of words too, I make 'm into blog series... just cutting up the story. It keeps the readers coming back :)

    1. Yes, must get my act together Marja. A middle road seems difficult to determine. Whether a long or short journey however - as long as the trip is enjoyable, I will keep traveling.