Friday, 26 September 2014

HAVE TO: is like a red rag to a bull.....

My knowledge about the implications of the commandments has grown immensely. I have developed a new way of looking at this much underrated and easily underestimated set of guidelines.

Because it takes some digging as to find out what really is expected of me/ us.

Life's Do's en Don'ts.

Just a wee question: How do you react when someone says " you MUST do..... this or that!"

Does this image fit the bill?

Well, in truth, as a child and more than likely till not that long ago - I felt the commandments were a bit like that.

I HAD TO- OR NOT TO ..... live like this or that!

Since reading the 5 books on the 5 of the 10 commandments written by Marja Meijers I have such a better understanding of what God WANTS of us and for us - not DEMANDS of us. 

I have a new way of seeing how these guidelines can be implemented and how I can be true to them.

I am a parent. I always WANTED the best for my children.

There were rules - normal in a household or there would be mayhem - no order. Meals,
responsibilities, activities. All necessary when more people gather to form a group, like a family. I could also change that word RULES to GUIDELINES to STRUCTURE.

I will try to explain what I mean about my new insights.

We were created in God's image and likeness. Each and every one of us. That makes God an immensely diverse personage. Because we are all unique.

As His children God has provided us too with STRUCTURE to protect us and also enrich our lives. 

The 10 commandments ( a set of rules) we can use as guidelines to help us travel this road we call LIFE with as destination - Eternal Life and a life with God in our presence. 

Not only were we created in His likeness but Jesus, His son also became human - like us. 
He too was privileged to have those guidelines to go by.

We, as was Jesus, were given a FREE WILL.
Yes, FREE to decide!

Like all children, it is a great help to know where the boundaries are so we can keep safe from harm.
Pedestrian crossings to safely cross the road, a fence along the cliff, a traffic light to protect travelers.
Barriers 'for our safety'. 

So if we look at the commandments in this light and not as a RED RAG we will discover that those guidelines aren't as bad as we might have first thought.

Instead of thinking 'We GOT TO' - let's turn it around and think what we can do.

1. I am the Lord your God.  I believe that - and therefor will honour that truth. One True God is all I need.
2. I go for the real thing - no go betweens. No fakes. My choice.
3. I will use God's name in prayer or during prayerful discussions, learning and sharing moments.
4. If God is prepared to be with me 24/7 then I am more than happy to spend time with Him - solely for Him, in prayer, meditation and in the quiet of my heart.
5. With love and respect I think about my now deceased parents and hold their memory dear to my heart. My children are now also parents - I honour them by respecting their endeavours in raising their children.
6. Life is God's gift. Whatever I can do to bring honour to that gift I will do with reverence. Help the needy, lonely or ill where and whenever this is asked of me.
7. I will be true to my vow in marriage by nurturing the love and respect I have for my husband.
8. What I have to share I will share, what I have to give I will give and what belongs to another is theirs to have.
9. Gossip is idle talk - if I can't say anything good about someone I will say nothing at all.
10. God provides all I need. My needs are not those of another. My longing is not for earthly things but knowledge to help me get to know God and His will for my life.

Now, the way I have written the commandments is a short interpretation and a renewed way to seeing these 'rules' by rewording them so as they become things I WANT to do. No RED RAG!

And instead of thinking - oh well, I haven't killed anyone - tick that box, I haven't stolen anything - tick that box etc. I go to church every Sunday- another tick, one could think - life is a breeze.

Life is MORE, life is sharing, growing. Life is challenging, interesting, fun and full of gifts. Like has hardships to overcome, heartbreaks to endure, failings to ponder on and learn from.

The 10 commandments can be the encouragement, beacons and solace we need at specific points of times in our lives.

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