Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Over the past couple of months I have reverted to the discussion group topic ' My Neighbour's House' with as theme the 10th commandment - Thou shalt not covet.

( Want to catch up or refresh your memory- re-read the earlier postings at leisure)

We have come to the end of our book - the end of the discussions and thought provoking issues arising from that book. And I have to say, it has been quite revealing and challenging for me. In the sense of seeing this commandment in a new light. Because you see, I thought I had It pretty well covered.

I could tick the boxes quite conscious free so to speak. I wasn't envious of my neighbour's  husband, didn't want their car or home, and quite frankly, I had been taught from early on, that ENVY was a dirty word. To be envious was SINFUL. So a sort of 'fear- guilt ridden' emotion guarded me from all things 'covet'.

But was it so simple? Or was my knowledge still in the childhood stage and not 'grown up'  enough to guard me from wrongdoings as an adult?

One of the the re- occurring items was that the world is so full of temptations 'to want and to have what's good for you', or what your ' rights' are, that it is so easy to fall into that trap. Yes, one could say that "I have a right to a good and well paid job so I CAN buy a large house, go on three holidays a year, travel abroad, have a bigger caravan. I have an honest job, I work long hours, I donate to a couple of organisations who need the cash". And let's face it, a often heard statement " it is MY money and I will spend it as I see FIT".

While the discussion was ongoing, I recalled a hymn I used to sing in church. With a text so appropriate for this, our final evening. Now don't forget, I live in the Netherlands and this hymn is from my time in New Zealand - so those present were not aware of it's contents.

I surprised myself by being able to ( sort of) sing/ say one verse and the chorus.

I want to close this 'chat session' with that song. I found it on internet and it is sung by an Irish gentleman with a voice much nicer than mine.... And believe me, in the uncomplicated way this recording is presented.... The text comes alive and has the power to touch hearts.


Now don't misunderstand me - the issue is NOT only MONEY - it is a LOT MORE than that!
What do we fill our hearts with? Which desires do we give heed to?
Do we aspire to be and live - like Jesus taught us... ?
Which role model do you aspire to be like?

Which LOVE dwells in our hearts?
Love for 'things' or love for God?

I will post some helpful tips and suggestions out of the book shortly to finalise this all important 10th last but NOT least commandment discussion. So stay tuned!

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