Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday 28th February, and one more day to go!! Leap year this year. Glad to know I have another 24 hours to complete all I wanted to do in February. The day started with a gift. Had a lovely skype with Reece, Ros, Max, Kirk and the new pup. She is gorgeous. Could almost feel how velvety her coat is.

Last night was a hoot. On the 18th March is Hinriette's 50th birthday. ( Hinriette always gives me gifts for the grandkids when I visit down under) Our special "group" of friends with whom we spend weekends away twice a year and celebrate birthdays with etc are all BUT one 50. Hinriette closes this mammoth  milestone already reached by the rest. Without her and her hubby Harry in attendance we formulated how we are going to put the spotlight on het at her party. Hinriette likes to dress properly. Her blingbling match her clothing to perfection, her make up always impecable. She looks more than just tidy, she looks perfect! And Hinriette is a bubbly fun loving but OH SO FORGETFUL person.

We spent a few hours making our own "jewelry" from inner tubes, bottle tops and decorations. Friday we are off to the op shop for granny clothes! And I also spent a few hours writing 5 short blurbs about cheapie items we bought at a dollar store. All whilst enjoying a wine, beer and for me a cuppa t! I was the sober driver. Roll on 17th March. We are ready for you!!!!! The scary part is, next year I will be 60 and then the round of parties start afresh. These full on parties started when Leen turned 50. We never looked back. The inspiration came from the fact that we know each other well and I take copious photos. Slide shows, t-shirts, albums. Made them all in various forms and all personally flavoured. Fun, Fun, Fun, yes with a capitol F.

I will post photos when we are all spruced up. Should be a hoot.

Off now to get new paint. The satin paint I used isn't satin but gloss. Leen isn't happy with the look....So I will cover it with the newly chosen paint. Glad the shade is good though. Photo to follow. Hihohiho it's off to the paint shop I go!

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