Friday, 10 January 2014

...and before you know it, it is Friday!

I can still hear my mum's voice as she says " how the time has flown, where has it gone?" ( and finally enough I just realise I have never heard my dad utter this sentence - not to me anyway). Als child this statement worried me. Unnerved me. Like it (the lost time) might be hiding in the closet somewhere, in a drawer or behind the curtains. Yes, truly.

You have to admit, it does sounds a bit weird- losing time. When we lost something we had to look for it. Now my mother said to have 'lost' time and didn't know where it had gone. Yes, you can laugh. I am a visual person, always have been. Things I hear or read conjure up images. Sometimes very explicit or hilarious images. That I sometimes burst into laughter can be quite inappropriate.

This morning, upon waking I realised Friday dawned 'already. Felt like the week had just begun. Hence the memory and hearing mum say " where has time gone ?" And I still don't know the answer. What I do know is that each day the sun rises, the sky clears and brings with it new challenges. At the end of each day the moon and stars watch over us- allowing a time to rest. each day a gift to unravel, to meet new challenges, to go for gold. To appreciate the gift of time.

My day starts on a positive note and I strive to end it the same. The less successes of the day do not hold the limelight as they did in my past. It was an unhealthy and negative habit to focus on what I had not achieved, had not shared or that I hadn't given enough of myself to others around me. My resolve to stop beating on myself has helpt me focus on the other side of the coin. On the successes, on the achievements on the joys and prospects of more to come. I no longer dwell on what I DIDN'T do but on what I HAVE done. Oh happy days!

"You are getting older " someone said " so it is normal that the days pass quicker than when you were young". Oh, how come, don't I get 24 hours anymore? Do older people get less hours? How old- how many less? I do admit that I take a bit longer to vacuum. But then i am more secure, less rushed. Don't have children to take to school. Yes, I drink a coffee between chores or pauze to look outside. Like I did yesterday. We live surrounded by beautiful nature. Suddenly the Kingfisher appeared out of nowhere, swooped low past my window, around the corner and over the water. He then perched himself on a branch- and I, I perched in the windowsill allowing myself that moment of joy. A golden moment.

Anyway, as I mentioned, it is Friday morning. 'Looking forward to the weekend' a friend wrote. Well, I aim first to enjoy this Fri- day and all it offers. There are challenges and opportunities out there waiting for me to go get them.

A day full of blessings and enjoyment, fun and laughter.

Oh by the way- laughter is good medicine I a told. Here a giggle to fill your day.

What, turn the lights off? Not on your Nellie.
Now the customers think we work for them day AND night!


  1. My grandfather used to say, "Time marches on." I found this to be true, especially as an adult. My children are grown and I have a grandson. When did all this happen? LOL

    I was thinking just this morning that it is the middle of January already. That's another thing that happened when I wasn't looking somehow. :) I'm thinking that this is a good reason to redeem the time, as the Bible teaches.

    Thanks so much for returning to my blog with your link. I did not connect the name with you for some silly reason - and I should have! Please forgive me. I think I was too caught up in watching January sail by or something like that!

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Karen, I too get caught up occasionally in the - flight of time syndrome - quite a human trait. I try these days to not think too far ahead to tomorrow so as to 'get more' out of each day. I woke up this morning, and a new year has dawned for me, again! What a gift.

      Sending you every blessing for your new day and all the new days gifted you to enjoy, fill and share ( and look back on) with those whose lives you touch.