Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome to 2014

Here it is - 2014 - welcome everyone
According to the media our population here in the Netherlands spent €67 million in fireworks on the New Year celebrations . I find that incredible and almost impossible to comprehend.- Yes I did watch the spectacular display all around us. I did oooh and aaah at the huge starlike bell like bubbles exploding high in the sky, the colours and array of explosions. It was spectacular to say the least and it went on for quite some time.

The saying - start as you mean to go on - comes to mind. Is this how 'we' want to go on? Doing spectacular things, making stuff 'happen'?

Each morning when we awaken, we start a new day. New beginnings, new chances. Our lives start anew. We don't need a party for that. It happens every day- all by itself. So why is it so special to celebrate this event - the change over from one year to the next- just because we need a new calendar to mark the dates? Is this event tied to the 31st December and 1st January or can it be celebrated on 30th June and 1st July? Or between seasons?

Everyday is a new day, the date changes and the yesterday is history- forever and not to return. I am not trying to be a party pooper, not wanting to put a damper on the celebrations. I am serious. Why do we have New Year celebrations when in fact we start a new year each day when we wake. My fingers are rapidly racing over the keys- this is my text for today- has anyone an answer, can anyone shed light on my question?

Is it maybe, that for one day we stand still by the enormity of our lives, of the changing times? Is it so we do make an effort to connect with those we love and share a special moment? Is it so we take time to send messages of support, love and well wishes- just once a year for many. I have been celebrating New Year for 60 years now and quite unintentionally I am faced with this question, " What is so special about yesterday and today that wasn't so special the day before yesterday or last week- except for the new calendar?"

I do not know how long I will keep it up, but my aim is to be as excited, as enthusiastic and as full of promise to enjoy my new day, my chance at a new start. To lunge at it with gusto and excitement- similar to the feelings and emotions of the 1st of January. And I am not negating the effect of importance of the New Year's celebrations, nor am I advocating we do away with this feast. Heavens no! I just ask myself - are we just as happy this day as all those other days of the year?

My previous BLOG and the last for 2013 was full of well wishes for all- and I stand behind that gesture. I want to re-iterate that wish!

It is the 1st of January 2014 and I do wish you all wellbeing, health, happiness and prosperity- for today and all days to come.

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