Monday, 20 January 2014

Oma, you've got mail

There are sad things and there are happy things in life! And I write about both- as they happen or affect me! And last Friday I had two happy happenings which pleased me no end. A smile stayed on my face ALL day.

Another Friday dawned- dreary weather conditions which did not really invite one to spring gleefully up and down, but none the less I was grateful to be able to be active and do the chores that begged doing. On sunny dry days I tend to think- oh let's do outside stuff. Subsequently the cupboards and other necessary ( and often unappealing) chores get left for a rainy day. So this rainy Friday was just for that purpose. A clean up day. What a gift!

It occurred to me recently that it might just be important, certainly helpful, if I keep my 'household'  in an orderly state. Ship shape, so to speak. Untimely happenings could cause others to have to sort my stuff out and that could be quite stressful let alone unnecessary. So, hi ho hi ho it's cleaning up I go.

After the necessary household chores and timely extras, you never know when someone pops in unexpectedly, I chose to also do a clean up of files on the computer. Not unimportant. A time gobbling activity, just like cleaning cupboards and as rewarding. I just LOVE ditching re-read emails, unwanted advertisements and out of date invites. Just as I love emptying my paper bin, desktop and reading basket. It is almost as if I can breath easier when done.

I heard the doorbell- wonder who that might be. I heard my husband say " thank you"  and the front door shut. "You've got a couple of parcels" he called out to me. I rushed downstairs- and low and behold, my two Blog2Print books. I have committed my two dutch BLOGS - travel and 2013 blog to print and here they were. As published works. Amazing. That looked so cool. Yes, I was distracted. Yes, I spent time leafing through 'my' books. I felt a sense of pride. Oh and yes, I did find some type errors. Oh well, never mind!

And, as if that wasn't enough joy for one day, the
postie didn't just walk by, he posted a large envelope through the mail slot in the door ( we don't have a mailbox but a mailslot. Our mail falls onto the mat). I picked up the envelope en recognised the handwriting. It was from my daughter in law Kylie. Upon opening it onto the salon table I jumped for joy- truly. I know, we Skype, we txt we are in touch, but their is nothing so wonderful as receiving mail the 'old fashioned' way. The contents warmed my heart.

The two youngest grandchildren, Summah and Indi had done their best at kindy to send me lovely  works of art. Also enclosed a photo of wee Bax in a huge bath full of bubble foam, with a huge grin on his face.

My message board now proudly displays these treasures. I couldn't have had a better Friday. The dreariness of the weather didn't touch me, my inner sun shone so bright.

What a great way to spend Friday.

One good turn deserved another. I printed three photos, one for each grandchild- each with me. I selected three cards, wrote a personal message and enclosed the photo. Three envelopes, three kisses and off to the mailbox I went.

Hee kids, watch out for mail in YOUR mailbox.

Love and hugs from your grateful oma!


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day! I love surprises of that kind - and to hold your book in your hands is a wonderful thing. :) Mail from the grandchildren, well, there's not much better than that either! Your post made me smile, thank you!:)

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Pleased to share smiles- have a great and productive week yourself! Thanks for visiting, Karen.