Sunday, 26 January 2014

Today I was inspired by...

Marja Verschoor Meijers - Marja, a writer of Christian books and sharing her faith with others in a practical way with a Foundation called Travel Light, Blogging in two languages and offering practical help to those who cross her path. A woman whose lifestyle is to admire.

I am not affiliated with a church community at present, not having yet found my niche. None the less I do uphold strong connections and enjoy the company of those like minded and supportive people who have become my 'community in faith'.

Marja and her husband Jan are very actively involved in churches and are frequently asked to either speak at functions, weekend meets and church services. Some of their talks/sermons are online- ( dutch spoken) and on a Sunday I listen to those sermons. Today I listened to words of wisdom from Marja (may 2013) when she covered the subject - Do unto others. We all know the way we ought to live, but do we uphold that God given and by Jesus taught and lived by rule? It made me think and assess.

Of course I can do better..... and I aim to polish up my resolve. Never wrong to take a look in my mirror and take a good long honest look at one's lifestyle and habits.

Being bi-lingual I am privileged to have been able to hear these wise words and aim to implement them into my life. I am sure the message is clear though to all when I say, in a nutshell,  before you speak or act, ask yourselves- would I like to be on the receiving end of what I am about to say or do?

The second inspiration comes through an article posted on Facebook by Katrina entitled: ' What should a 4 years old know?'.

An absolute truth. What a gem. Not only does this article warm my heart it gave me access to another great Blog site.

It is Sunday, I am sharing my energy with a friend. It is her birthday today and she has to work- on a small pleasure/cruise boot in the Biesbosch. A 1 1/2 hour trip through this beautiful nature reserve and park. The trip is scarcely booked so my husband and I are going to join the cruise taking with us the fruity berry muffins I just baked. We are going to share this day with her. and those very few who are on board.  She deserves to be spoilt and her life celebrated. Am looking forward to seeing her face when we arrive.

Love Sundays!

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