Sunday, 26 February 2012

February is drawing to a close. It may be a short month but we managed to jam pack it with activities.
Last Wednesday I treated two friends ( Dicky and Anita) to a High Tea ( 22nd February 13:30) for their birthdays. They  share the date 5th February and seeing I couldn't think of anything in particular, I chose to invite both of them so they could get to know each other a bit better. It was fun with a capitol F.

22nd February 2012 Den Witten Haen, Dordrecht
 Next to me is Anita and opposite her is Dicky. She hates being photographed and was pleased the person who offered to make the snapshot stood to Dicky's side. We went to a coffee lounge-lunchroom called Den Witten Haen ( translated - The White Rooster a name from the 17th century). The service was impecable. This lunchroom is run by people with possibilites and guided by mentors who ensure that things run smoothly. The food and service is amazing. A favourite " haunt" of  mine.Check it out;

We travelled by Waterbus from Oosteind, close to home and returned the same way. On our return trip I made a snapshot with my phone...and Dicky later said, " we behaved like schoolgirls on a bus trip". And I have to agree. We (all 3) hadn't laughed so much in months.

So as you know who these lovely people are: Anita helped me with my household chores while I was bed bound. We have know each other about 6 years and met in de National Park de Biebosch. Anita and her husband Daan have a (small) boat and spent last summer 3 months travelling to and through France. An incredible feat seeing the size of their boot. Dicky is my neighbour across the waters. She and her husband owned the local garden centre. Dicky loves photography and takes the most incredibly beautiful nature photos I have been privileged to see. A true talent. She also visits regularly and on occasion I go with her to the garden centre to " have a cuppa"  with Dicky's husband and their son Ton, who know runs the garden centre.

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