Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Like I said, we managed to squeeze a lot of activities in the short month of February. It is leap year!

After the high tea, Leen and I packed a overnight bag and trained off to Amersfoort.

We had a one night stay over so we could explore the city. The hotel room was nicely furnished, clean but very impersonal. A hotel used by businessmen who meet overseas clients, hosts conferences and the like and serves as a meeting place for a variety of groups and services.

I have to say, and that isn't to show off - the kitchen was so-so. Nice but not WOW! The breakfast buffet did have an element of WOW as the spread was very inclusive. Shame the waitress found it necessary to reorganise the breakfast area to a dining area while the guests were still arriving and some, like us, were still having their breakfast. Very unsettling. Still our main purpose was to visit the city... so after leaving our luggage in the care of the hotel staff we trotted along and followed the instructions to the inner city.

How beautiful. An old city with tons of history ( not to mention endless shopping possibilities). The weather was for the first time in months extremely mild. As it was a holiday week for schools, there were more shoppers than normal I suspect.

We spent all day walking round in awe of the buildings ( some from the 1600's) which were till in use as either shops or homes. Some of the cobbled streets looked like they had been there since day one. I could almost hear the horses' hoeves clattering on the rounded square cobbles. Building faces showing their quaint design and peculiar architecture.

As spring is approaching the stores, still filled with winter ware, were keen to hold a sale. Leen was fortunate to score 2 pairs of high quality trousers for a song. I couldn't resist a "funny"  purchase which are now winging it's was to Steve and Reece. A card in the mail to opaopa and a yummy prawn noodle dish at a Japanese eatery and we headed home. I would say, Amersfoort, you are worth another visit in the spring or summer when the sun shines, and the terraces are packed with people all in holiday mode. A boat trip through the canals is also on my hitlist now.

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