Monday, 13 February 2012

It is Monday morning. Winter is gently leaving the building. Haven't seen the quick rise so fast in months. It has been a mostly dry, frosty winter...mustn't grumble. And I won't. Have loved it so far. Now the thaw has set in... the ducks are happy to be getting their swimming pool back anyway!

The day started with much promise. Have been working on my " project" which is steadily taking shape. I will report new developments as they happen. Just received a draft of a contract... needs LOTS of tweeking but I am sure we will reach an agreement that suits both parties. Feel like I have achieved quite a bit this morning already and it is only 11:00am. Looking good I thought.....

Yes well, you know what thought thought! As I casually went to place the memory card from my camera in the iMac, I misjudged the angle. The card is now in the DVD slot and I shudder to think I am going to get it out short of turning it on it's ear and shaking it to bits. Gggrr... Has anyone experience with shaking an Imac to retrieve something?? HELP!!

This afternoon I will once again join my fellow " starters" at a weekly gathering held by the Chamber of Commerce. This programme has been initiated to help starters make a success of their ventures and support new enterprise. I have a coach who is active at financially he has a lot of advice and info. that I can use. My responsibility during this programme is to have a business plan supported by a sound and solid financial plan. Once this has all been approved I then have the added support of a mentor for the next 12 months as I venture on in my quest to run a successful business.

My time is taken up with research, appointments with retailers, wholesalers, production companies and such like. Have to develop my website and design a business card....... hihohiho it's onward and upward we go.

Time for coffee................

ps. I have just re written this posting. Apparently the internet connection failed whilst I was busily typing. when I went to post my BLOG it disappeared. Had only saved the first paragraph then must have had a break in communication..... the day goes on!

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