Sunday, 19 February 2012

It is Saturday evening... no it isn't. Midnight been and gone! It is Sunday morning. Couldn't sleep so thought I would update the BLOG. Glad to hear Reece has read it. Although this is something I thought would be helpful for me to keep track of what I am doing, it also serves as a bit of a communication tool for those I selected to follow my trials and tribulations.

It has been a busy week. Lots happening. My Mondays are pretty standard at present, Tuesdays to Fridays I keep myself busy with the setting up stuff and also try to keep the household chores under control. Don't really have " things to do today"  chores. My weekdays haven't as yet found a real structure as far as that is concerned...kinda go with the flow. Wash when the basket is full ( or we run out of socks or something), shopping when the shelves are bare, dust before visitors arrive.... that sort of routine!! The only consistency is feeding the livestock.

Thursday I went to a garden centre that had been recommended I go see. and WOW! HOw I would love to have a day there with Toni, Kylie and Ros. And a whole day we would need too. I didn't take anymore photos. They wouldn't have done the place justice. Just go to AWESOME!

Friday I met a friend in Dordrecht. Hinriette and I enjoyed a yummy coffee and apple strĂ¼del ( freshly baked) then off to the Didi store. There we managed to find the perfect clothes for Hinriette's 50th birthday coming up next month. Later that afternoon I went for a rather longer than planned walk with my neighbour and her 3 month old daughter. Was the totally ready for a long hot soak in the bath. Watched a couple of Hyacinth Bucket's hilarious episodes and drifted off to sleep. Once the water was cold.... yukyuk I got up and made dinner. A lazy night on the couch and that was that.

Saturday was a normal run of the mill day really. Housework, shopping, coffee with a friend and cooked a lovely dinner for Leen and myself. Leen had been out all day " bird watching". An annual outing I declined for this time. Had heaps of other things to do.

I am still trying to get the hang of my computer, the " slide mouse pad" and the BLOG, which now appears to have undergone a transformation while I wasn't paying attention. I think I re invited people and
mucked up some settings....Time will tell.

Off to bed now, think I will manage a wink or two before morning. Night night all. xx

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