Sunday, 26 February 2012

Those last additions make it look like we party and spend our time in hotels - but reality is - we work. Leen dives into his office round 8:30am and tackles his two jobs as city councillor and co-ordinator for his work for the foundation for people with disabilities. And I am plodding on try to set up my business with Ozmozpots.

It is a trying time..., there are days when everything falls into place without a hitch and then there are days! I have made contact with a couple of wholesalers ( one English firm and one dutch) keen on the product. I have got quotes for the packaging, I have a website ( not yet filled with relevant info because I don't have any- nice photo I took and text on it though) I have found a plastics production company wanting to /willing to make the product. I have got people helping me get the financial request for the bank on paper. To do that I need more information, which I need from NZ and that is where I keep hitting snags. Man oh man... in the era of communicational means and possibilities it seems harder than ever to get hold of anyone. So frustrating. And I don't want to overkill on requests of " send me a txt/email when you are available" or " I will be online from .. till ..." like I have been known to do on occasions ;-).

Still, God loves a trier and I will keep battling on. Believe in what I am doing, and so do a few more people. All the tricks I learn now will help me with my next project.

Yesterday, (Saturday) I spent at home with the SPRING BUG. After my chores, shopping and post office errands I started on the interior painting in the lounge/dining. The woodwork is all dark. And I have tried to like it, but don't. So we are now going to paint the window surrounds a creamy pale colour. I managed to prepare and undercoat the divider between the lounge and dining room. Seeing I needed fresh air, I do so dislike the smell of enamel, I opened the french doors onto the deck and decided it was time to scrub the winter green away. So I did! After these epic chores I sure was ready for an early bed. Leen and his brother Arie were in Eindhoven for the day on a brotherly outing so I could suit myself as to when and what I ate and set my own timetable. Just as well I didn't wait up, Leen arrived home round 1:15am.

Had a quieter day today, though the first hour or so I spent in the garden relieving it of some of winter's mess. Leaves everywhere, shrivelled up plants and falling branches. Hoed the garden too so the soil gets some fresh air. Looking good. Can't plant anything yet as the frost danger period isn't
over yet. Not long now though. Roll on spring!

Spent a couple of hours visiting an aunt of Leen's, tante Jaantje. She turned 85 today. She is such a  sweetie. Still goes to her choir practice and she and Leen's dad enjoy the odd ride to visit old friends ( well they would be old wouldn't they!). The rest of today was spent mucking round on my iMac. I need someone to guide me through the initiation period- I am coping but sometimes I wonder.....

Cooked a lovely dinner for 2. Yep, we both had our own course. Leen had rabbit with carrots, leeks, celery, sprouts and mashed potatoes and I had prawns in green curry sauce with rice. We are used to restaurant meals...each preferring their own menu. Just kidding. It doesn't happen every day. Just that Leen loves the " wild dishes" and I don't eat meat. Was fun though cooking two meals and getting the timing right. A red and a white wine on the table. Yum!!

Well, think I have just about filled February in. A few days to go and the month of March will set the pace. Till next time.... oh and by the way Kylie, so glad to have chatted with you (3). A treat to see Summah so grown up already. Received her kisses with much love. Till next time.

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