Sunday, 12 February 2012

A new day

Finally winter. Just when most people are looking forward to warmer temperatures and lichter mornings, Winter appeared. You have no idea how great I felt when I saw the white coloured rooftops, the powder dusted trees. I know I physically sighed a sigh of relief.

WINTER IS HERE - it did remember.

Somehow, all sorts of tensions left my body.... my eyes sparkled and my step quickened.
It has been winter for about 2 weeks now. Freezing at night in places to -22 degrees. We had a lowest low of -17. The "lake" in our back yard, known as "het Waaltje" froze over leaving a small residue for the ducks out the area to gather.

This doesn't happen every year, the frozen lake becomes " the place to be". Young and old, experienced and novice - they want to try out their skating skills. We have to be quick... as mother nature can decide in a blink of an eye that THAW can set in!! Just before the fun starts, the snowfalls return. Oh no, snow isn't good for ice..... the blanket of snow prevents the ice layer to grow stronger. What now? Days go by, it is decided that if we remove the snow the ice will survive. The brave few "sweep" the ice clean. Now all we can do is wait and hope before the all clear is given. Friday morning: The ice is strong and thick enough to hold the weight of those keen to test the conditions. The neighbourhood are quick to gather, arrange events and fun activities. 't Waaltje is all a buzz, a hive of activity. The shed is transformed into a warm haven, with hot chocolate, punch, hot dogs and other delicious food for the cold and hungry.

It is Sunday morning. Last night was amazing. The weatherman has predicted warmer conditions. the severe frost conditions are behind us. Warmer weather is on the way. My word we have been spoilt. Every now and then the light snowflakes flutter by my window. I am at peace.... winter was here! And it was FUN!

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