Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Yes, ofcourse I managed to get the memory card out of it's wrongful place in the iMac. Just a bit of a wriggle, shove, tug and hey presto. That was yesterday. A totally different day today. Yesterday I spent nearly all day working, researching, organising, mulling over and attempting to get ahead in the task of setting up my business. Had square eyes and finally shut down the computer and had an early night.

A special day today.... A visit from a young ex-pupil. A very special pupil. After 3 years in my group she was finally admitted to a small specislised school best ( and better) suited to her needs. What a honey. She had asked last year to visit but it was deferred when I landed in hospital.
With a gorgeous bouquet flowers Kiki and her mum Sandra turned up for a special visit. We had a ball. A tour of the house. "Where is your computer? where do I sleep?" and when she met Leen, "does he sleep here too?" She met and fed the chooks and rabbit and we had ' tea' in our tea- house at the bottom of the garden. A trip into our town centre, window shopping and lunch at Cookers. Due to the nature of the day and the extra hours Monday, I didn't do a lot in respect of my project. I did however spend a pleasant evening with Leen and our friend Merie as we went out for dinner. A relaxing evening, good food, lovely company and loads of laughter.

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