Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday morning. Woke up early ( 6am is early isn't it?) headachy and squeamish. Not a good start after such a  great weekend. Got up anyway, glass of water and a cracker was all I could muster. Ran a bath... swallowed some paracetamol and had a catnap under lavender bubbles. After an hour, got out of bath and went to Anita's. She had to bring her car to the garage for a 20 thou km check. I promised to be her " to and fro driver" so had at least an urgent reason to be up and about.
After a cuppa with Daan and Anita arrived home to find a couple of bills in my email, got those sorted..... feeling dreadful actually but don't want to give in to it. Got painting to do, got my admin to update - and have to drive Anita to pick up her car later. Yukyukyuk!

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