Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wednesday morning, off to a Open Coffee morning a sort of Meet and Greet for newly started businesses to expand their ( and my) network. The weather is stormy and not very appealing to be outside. Hoped there would be a space in the car park close to Grand Cafe Willaerds in Papendrecht ( where we were to meet)Was interesting. Never been to one before and din't know what to expect. Met a few lovely people, all with dreams they were attempting to realise, names being bandied about, thoughts and ideas exchanged ( as well as business cards for future reference). My card has been in the pipeline a while. I am proud of it's design and the story behind it... but not sure whether it was " the way to go". After discussions with a few I am now confident my choice is a good off to the printers it goes. Will post a copy when it is ready.

Had a meeting also with someone at a packaging firm today. I need
prices so I can present an all inclusive financial package at the bank when I am at that stage. Have also made contact with a freight company in NZ to see what the costs of getting 100 pots here are going to be. The next 8 will come by regular mail...but 100 is another story. Need those to "do business" and tempt potential clients to place orders. I planted this one last weekend. Now am keen to see that I won't get yellow leaves anymore... and that it thrives in it's new environment. I had to cut the " dead" stuff out... it was in a bad way.Will go to the garden centre tomorrow for a sad looking fern so I can experiment, take photos at fortnight and monthly intervals to follow progress for brochure and sales promotion.

This project is certainly keeping me busy and am learning new things very day. My aim is to have a sound and financially rewarding business and in the process help people keep their plants alive and healthy. Once I get this off the ground I will add another product(s) to my list. Hi ho hi ho it's onward and upward we go. I'm up to the challenge.

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