Monday, 21 May 2012

21 May 2012

This is the first day of my 60th year. I turned 59 today. I aim to make the most of the days I have been given as I don't know how many more I am to have. What stikes me as odd is, how I always assume that there will be a tomorrow. Some nights I do admit to giving it a thought that I may not wake, but generally speaking: tomorrow is almost a given. But it ISN'T!
So as off to day I am going to try to remember that even more consciously and treat each day as a gift - like it is!

I learnt something this morning- something I have been avoiding. At present our caravan is parked on a camping ground called De Paardekreek in Kortgene, Zeeland. We are booked to be here from Wednesday last week ( 16th May till Tuesday the 29th May) Leen and I have shared duties. I take care of the inside, the clothing, food, cupboards, cleaning, cooking and help with putting up the awning. Leen is responsible for the awning as a whole, the gas bottle, the water reservoir and the chemi-toilet. That is fair isn't it? I pack and unpack the thing ( caravan- he takes care of the above). This morning I decided to pluck up the courage and attend a course "emptying the pan". What scares me most is that now I know how - I may have to do it more often. Knowledge can be a dangerous thing!!

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