Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Friendship and happy faces

It is Wednesday. Fish lunch day with father in law. I thought I was going to miss it today as I am having a week off staying in the caravan at Camping ground de Paardekreek, in Kortgene, Zeeland.

Today friends of ours left for a 3 month holiday with their boat. I was a bit peeved to think I wouldn't be there to wave them off. Anita ( yes her name is Anita too) and her husband Daan are good friends. People you feel " at ease" with. No aires and graces...WYSIWYG people. I am going to miss them, especially Anita.

Then it was morning! The wind, which had been plagueing the warm sunshine, had finally eased. I received an early txt message from Ingrid, a mutual friend. Was I planning to come wave Daan and Anita off? Why not, I was a free agent and had total control on how to fill my day.

Today was the day of friendship, of being with and for the people who care about me and I care about. Unannounced I arrived home... Knocked on the neighbour's door, where Leen was for coffee! Surprise dear. Then off to the jetty. Surprise friends. Awesome. Then home again for the lunch. A surprised father- in- law.

All I saw today were happy faces.

Today was the day of friendship. What an awesome day. Content and happy I returned to the quiet surroundings of the camping ground.

My day was one in a million.

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