Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday morning

It is 6:10 on Sunday morning 27th may 2012. A slight breeze, a clear blue sky and sunshine....plenty of sunshine. do I get up? No try to get some more sleep. It is 6:45 and I head for the shower. Why wait? It is a beautiful day and if I want to start it early I will.

Next to me on a small stoel is a gas cooker. A one element job, big enough to put a kettle on and boil up for a cuppa. On the table in front of me are two books and my iPad. It is so lovely and clear, there are a few people about taking their dog for a morning stroll. A few early birds have already taken to the water, easing their boats out on the water in a light breeze. Wise people. It is going to be a very sunny, warm day and there will be many who flok to the water... Best to get in first.

It is 9:30 am. The breakfast table is set. We are soon satisfied, tidy things away and put our sneakers on. Time for a walk. At 11:00 we join our friends for coffee and plan the day. Harry and son Joey are going sailing, Hinriette is having a " day off" and we are off to a vintage car rally, just looking.

Around 14:00 we arrive in Veerle. The vintage car rally was quite fun. Now we are playing tourist in own country. I really like Veerle. Is is picturesque, very touristy and historical and great to walk around. An icecream and some small purchases later we walk back to the car, using a scenic route through the harbour. The place is a hustle and bustle with people who can't believe their luck that summer has arrived.

Coffee/ tea shops and ice cream parlours are doing a roaring trade. Something they counted on would have started about a month ago. Souvenirs stores are busily re-organising their wares, trinkets selling like fresh hot buns. The bay is dotted with too many white dots to count. This is boat country. Zodiacs buzz to and fro manned by the youth of today.... It appears everyone is happy.

A short " potty stop" and we continue to the car. Everywhere we pass smiling faces.. On the way back to the caravan we see people activley seeking some form of recreation near or on the water. Flags flutter in the breeze. Thankfull there is one. It would have been a scorcher otherwise.

We are back, back at the caravan, back on the camping, back with our friends. It is time to prepare the BBQ. What a cr

I did get all out of the day that was on offer........!

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