Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lawns and long grass

Before we went on our wee holiday, I tried to get to the section where pa used to go every week. It is in a holiday park where families have permanent holiday homes. Modern beautifully designed home away from home buildings.

Pa has a long, caravan type home - a style that isn't with us anymore I may add - which is on a rather large piece of real estate which he no longer wants to use. The land belongs to Leen and me. We are in the process of selling it. Not a really good market at present with the recession, but non-the-less we are to sell. No use keeping something you don't want or need.

As I said, before we went away, I tried to get there to mow the lawns - but it rained, rained and rained some more. The dry spells weren't long enough to do all there was to do. Seeing we have had so many dry days in a row I braved the sun and trotted off after I had tidied the house, mowed our own lawn and weeded for about an hour or so.

Well, the next 4 hours were a sheer battle of the wills - Will I or Won't I tackle this wilderness. I was up to my waist in grass. Seriously.  I was so shocked at what I saw I tossed up to turn and run, sit down and cry or not look too deeply and just " get on with it".

I first used the edge trimmer to cut the grass down to size, then proceded with a flymo mower. It was the only way I could get through. The section is 520 sq meters, and the wee home only tiny so my golly goodness - this was a chore worthy of a farmer wanting to make hay!

One of the neighbours across a brook was outside with her 2 children and made chit chat while I puffed and wiped my forehead... I told her I was embarrassed. And I was. Every time I looked around at what I still had to do I felt weak in the knees. So then I would look at what I had already done and I felt proud and soldiered on.

I knew I didn't have to cook so I needn't hurry home, that helped. I can see now I have a lot of work to do here before I can market the place. It is no where near attractive in it's present state. And to think it can look like this.

Never fear - it will again only not tomorrow!

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