Friday, 11 May 2012

Birthday month

I want to start by saying, " what a great day we had last Wednesday". Pa, or opaopa to the grandchildren, turned 84. Here he is next to his sister-in-law Jaantje who is 85. We had tea out. It was a joy to see him smile all day and chat with visitors.

May, a birthday explosion month. I remember it being really busy with cards, gifts and presents. I'll see if I can remember all of those May dates and in the right order. Those who have left this world, I still remember the dates and say a wee prayer. Those still here, I also say a pray. Mum, Rolly, Ellie, Els, Leen snr, Michael, oom Wim, Irene, oma Zwaga, mine, Katrina, Hayden and Elizabeth.

What's in a birthday? A new life, a new day.  The due date can be almost accurately predicted, the date we are to leave this world is a mystery. What is the purpose of our being? Well, that is for each of us to fill in for ourselves. For me, I try to be who I was designed to be. I don't see the point in having been everywhere, done everything and accumulated all and that's it! I love going places, seeing things and experiencing life, don't get me wrong. But for me, I think that there is more.  For me it is about - have I developed to my potential, have I given my all to grow, share, be and care about those people who come my way and those issues I need to be a part of. A tall order but fun trying.

My biggest birthday gift I ever received - was LIFE!

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