Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Good Morning world

It is peaceful on camping ground Paardekreek in Kortgene.

The day started exceptionally well. Always does when I get to Skype with the kids. Today a quick glimpse of Summah as the internet connection wasn't too hot. Made the mistake of leaving Kermit at home. She was pretty disappointed. Sorry Summah. Opa Leen will bring him to the caravan on Friday.

After my Skype session with Summah it was Max's turn. I had a walk around the camping ground with Max ( in Australia). That was cool walking hand in hand with my iPad. Using the iPad is better than the laptop for some reason for Skyping with. I showed Max the layout so he had an idea where oma was staying. Made the distance ebb away somehow.

Last year I didn't have a connection and reception problem, so I went to the office and mentioned the slowness and unresponsiveness of the Internet. The staff were pleased I did. Now they'll look into it before the summer season gets underway in full swing. Didn't help me though, still slow Internet is better than no Internet.

What have I learnt so far today? That I am pretty good at enjoying my own company.

The camping is for 80% deserted. Although it is a holiday week for primary schools there are few families present. The ablutions block which I use, is pretty flash. There are 4 all told - and there is no need to rush in early for warm water or indeed a shower that is available. I was able to do a hand wash, wash dishes and shower at leisure. Clean " smalls" are flapping in the breeze.

Am off to buy my birthday gift from ma today- using the generous amount she gave me. An addition to the gift the girls and Leen bought me. Will post a pic when I have all the items together. Cool. Does mean though I need to re-organise my cupboards at home. Hohum!

Intend to work on my sites again today and edit the writings I have written recently. Am truly into catching up on and developing further, my writing skills. A long held wish to have more time to devote to this wonderful means of communicating. No more writing in exercise books and note books. Those days are behind me. Out in the open... although exciting it is also a bit scary knowing anyone can read what I have written.

Signing off to get cracking......

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