Monday, 28 May 2012

Time to pack

It is time to get my head around packing up. It has been awesome. I feel totally privileged to have been here for almost 2 weeks enjoying all life has to offer. I have had the freedom to just "be" without ties, responsibilities or a commited diary.

I have met and spoken to strangers, I have had days I spoke to no-one. I have skyped, emailed, FB-ed en worked on my Websites and Blog. I have written cards, notes and in my book. I have read chapters and noted comments. I have cooked one portion meals, enjoyed freshly baked buns and cold cups of tea.

Tomorrow we will head home where I will be ever so pleased to pick up the threads of my life there. I will check out the chook run and stroke the rabbit. I will spend hours in the garden getting it tidied. Washing will soon be flapping in the breeze and the caravan will be emptied, tidied and stored back in the shed in no time.

I have had the opportunity to catch up with myself. To reset the button and feel really relaxed and raring to go. It was great to finally have more than one day of sunshine.

Summer is slowly settling in and it makes me feel good.

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