Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Home James

It is 21:15 and the caravan has been returned to the shed... all but a stack of my clothes has been sorted, tidied and put back where it belongs. Started this morning sorting in the caravan, stripping the bed, storing the " titbits", dismantling the awning and getting ready for the ride back. Had our last coffee in the sun on the grass in front of the caravan. Then hitched up and cried " home James and don't spare the horses".

One of the last memories at the camping ground was of last night- I was just going to work on my BLOG when Skype called. Toni and Archie were cheerfully enjoying a morning coffee at Vitro. Unfortunately the sound wasn't up to the challenge but oh what fun we had....even Kermit enjoyed himself. It is amazing to think that I was at the camping ground in Zeeland, the Netherlands and I was connected to and could see others including Archie and Toni in Hamilton New Zealand as clear as day!

To top it off a quick phone call to Steve who had just come down off the roof he was working on. I had read a message on FB that Kylie placed...causing a slight flutter. Steve clarified it for me... and my heart rate returned to normal. Kylie wasn't in labour, just counting down! Her due date has been reached so the birth will be any day now......

Don't we live in a wonderful age of communication possibilities and isn't it weird that there are so many broken relationships due to poor communication....makes one think! Many years ago one could use the excuse that distance was a contributing factor in the poor relations situation. That is no longer a valid argument. There is also a trend to " be honest and open". Meaning " you can say anything". Although I am a supporter of being truthful I also think one has to use discretion and tact not to mention FEELING when talking to anyone at all. Place yourself in the position of the other party and be totally HONEST with yourself, how would this strike you? if this was hurled at you.

Like cooking a meal, if done with love it tastes MUCH BETTER!! and leaves a pleasant after taste.

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