Thursday, 31 May 2012

Photo albums

I DID IT!! Completed another, " yes, I will do that for you, no problem"  promises I made a while back. Oh, what a good feeling that is!

My neighbours " across the waters" Dicky and Kees have frequently holidayed on the island Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. They had a large number of (digital) photos stored on the computer. Seeing Dicky knew I made albums she asked me one day if I would help her make a Tenerife book. Together we sorted the photos and made a selection. Tonight I finished the 30cmx30cm book ( 28 pages). It looked awesome on screen so here is hoping that the finished product is just as impressive.

After my mammoth task on the grassed paddock yesterday my wrists and hands were still somewhat tender. Still, keeping them flexible by having to move the mouse helped so that they ( the fingers) didn't cease up all together. Tomorrow is a rest day. Hands can be resting up and recover in peace.

My husband is a city councillor. Annually they visit a neighbouring city for a working-sharing-learning exercise. Partners are also welcome. Tomorrow I am off with the other partners of the city of Zeist. We are being treated to a guided tour of a centuries old manor/ castle. Looking forward to that. It isn't something we would normally do 'at home' although we both visit these sorts of sights say, in France or Germany.

At day's end the councillors, our partners, will be joining us and we will all dine ( in style) before returning to Papendrecht. Should be fun. Usually is - this being an annual event I have had the privilege of attending quite a number of times now. All due to Leen's commitment to being a city councillor for the past 10 years or so. One of the perks.

So it is an early night for me... and tomorrow morning I will wash my hair about four times while trying to get the rest of the grass stains of my fingers and finger nails..... Got to play ladies in style!!

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