Saturday, 26 May 2012

End to a great week

Oh deary me. It is past midnight so this Blog is a couple of hours late.

Needless to say I was busy with other things. Leen arrived back ( with Kermit in the bag) at the camping with Harry and Hinriette. We had been invited to have pre dinner drinks with the happy campers Wim and Doris who are also season campers here each year. Those pre- dinner drinks ended up being during dinner drinks ( with pizza) and after dinners till now.

The day dissolved like sugar in a cuppa leaving a sweet taste. Despite the wind it was sunny and warm.

Due to the balmy evening we were able to sit outside till now.... And could still be out there only I am so sleepy I almost fell off my perch. A great night closing off a most enjoyable week.

Time to rejoin the world and all it entails.

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