Saturday, 26 May 2012

Another day dawns

It is just before midnight. Again the end of a full and enjoyable day. Great to spend time with friends and enjoy all the activities that add to the pleasure of the day.

It started with my early as usual start to the day. Promplty at 6:20 I awoke to a sunny morning. No fog to be seen. Thought, "what the heck, I am going to try and get some more shuteye". I did for, about 20 minutes, then got up, showered went for a wee walk, came back to the caravan had a wee read, check FB and skype for the kids. Decided to go for a bit of a decent walk to the village and back. It was just past 8am by this stage and there were more people about.

Posted a few post cards. Looked in the Real Estate office window and was surprised at the reasonable prices for houses here in this gorgeous spot and returned to the caravan.

Leen had decided to slowly surface from his sleep - I went to get some fresh bread buns from the camping store and we had a lovely leisurely breakfast. Devouring some of our own chool eggs - fresher than fresh.

A short while later we joined Harry, Hinriette and Joey  for coffee and a slice of the cheesecake which I had made the day before. YUM!!

Joey and Harry were going to go sailing. Leen, Hinriette and I went to late spring / early summer fair. Purchased some baby clothes and odds and sods. Was fun. The sun shone perfectly...not too bright, not too hot. And the breeze was "just right". A perfect day. After a tourist like ride and a visit to the supermarket, we arrived back at the caravan only to decide it was time for a snack and drink - well, these old foggies, excluding me ( who happens to be the eldest of the 4) decided they needed a five o'clock nap. Yes, they did! Leaving me wondering why I was sitting off I wondered and wnet for another walk.

When they resurfaced they denied being asleep, just dozing lightly.Ha, I caught them out with a photo I had taken. There was no faking it there.

A lovely BBQ tea, I had salmon and a white fish fillet, we eased into coffee ( tea) after having spent almost 30 minutes washing up - all four of us that is. It is now almost midnight - time to close the day and get some engery up for tomorrow. Night night all!

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