Friday, 1 June 2012

A visit to Zeist

Just made it. After a most enjoyable day out..... We have just arrived home having been to Zeist. Leen is city councillor. Each year all the councillors and supporting staff have a training day in another city or council. The partners are treated to a cultural afternoon be it a guided tour of the city, a museum or like today a manor, or almost castle built in 1686.

Awesome. The weather played it's part so we ( partners) were able to have our coffee outside and after the tour our afternoon wine on the same terrace whilst our dedicated councillors were being kept busy inside listening, sharing and discussing issues related to governing their township in the most efficient manor.

At 5 pm the two parties met and we boarded a bus which would take us to a restaurant where we were to enjoy an evening feast together. I was going to write...meal. But in all honesty I would be selling the chefs and staff short. We were treated to some culinary delights, accompanied by likewise quality wine.

Table talk was enlightening as it was enjoyable. The seating arrangement once again ( this annual event has become one of the year's political highlights in our diaries the past years) well mixed and ought out. Inthink the organisors keep the seating placings recorded so as to make a new planning each year differing each time.

So today was another full and enjoyable day. Starting with my skype with Kylie and Summah, coffee next door but one, child minding next door then off on " our" sojourn to Zeist.

It has occurred to me that since I started writing in my blog each day, I am more concious of the daily happenings and don't have that " gosh the day has flown" feeling. And I don't mean to say that the day drags on and on either. I think this feeling is generated because I am more aware of what I am doing, not in - auto mode - doing things without thinking. Time will tell whether I have this experience all year.. Or whether it is a phase!

Never the less, I am committed to writing daily ( so before midnight) which will on occasion be a challenge to achieve. This is what it is to write in ones diary daily... Only now electronically registered so I cannot cheat with the dates.

With that footnote, I wish everyone a goodnight!

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