Tuesday, 12 June 2012

One step at a time

Another day another dollar - so the saying goes! Well, I don't know about the dollar but here we are, another day.

Funny how things change just when you think you have a handle on stuff. Yesterday started well, I had all the best intentions of the world - and then it all fell apart. What a disappointment is that! Never mind, I took it in my stride, adjusted my expectations and took it on the chin. I spent half the day in bed, sleeping like a baby. I must have needed it I hear you think!! I was VERY disappointed that I couldn't fulfill my promise to myself - to clean up my office, but in having said that I now have the energy it will take to do so.

Today I aim to do a catch up. I have got a few ideas for my BLOGs and websites and hope to work on the albums " in the make". A long list, but exciting and I am keen to accomplish things to day to my satisfaction. I've got till tonight - the day is but young.

Funny, I feel awful when I cannot complete a promise to others, but I also feel that disappointment when I cannot complete a promise to myself. I used to beat down on myself when this happened, now I don't chastise myself, just am disappointed. Saves a lot of valuable energy.

Enough about me. I heard a sad story today about a young woman/girl who has been harassed on Internet and has unfortunately taken the insults to heart. How heartbreaking that must be, for all those who love her. The happy part is that she is surrounded by positive loving people who support her and will accompany her on her walk back to happier times.

What is it about people that makes them want to lash out, to damage and hurt another human being? Is it their own insecurity, their own desire to be 'boss'  powerful in some way? I cannot for the life of me imagine that in being a bully that it gives satisfaction. How deplorably sad these people must be themselves.

All I can think of is that they too are hurting and by hurting another they feel their pain less. Imagine, you have back ache. It hurts and you think about it all day. The while eating dinner, you break a piece of tooth. Ouch! This pain is stabbing, numbing and for a while you forget about your backache. One pain overrides the other. It doesn't in any way excuse their behaviour, but does in effect explain it. All I can imagine then is that there isn't someone to take that pain away, loving people who can guide them and console them in their pain. Victims are apparently easy to find..... and why are they ( the victims) so vulnerable? Is this a modern day trend? or is it more in focus now with the social media and communication possibilities with which we inform the world.

Many years ago I read this on a A4 piece for paper on a wall somewhere

Believe in yourself
and in your plan
say not " I cannot"
but that " I can".

The joys of life we fail to win
Because I doubt
"The Power within".

I love that and believe in this statement hides many a truth. It can be applied to any situation - one's plan for one's life, in who we are and who we want to be, who we aspire to be -


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