Friday, 8 June 2012

Time to broadcast the good news

Good evening folks. About half an hour ago I thought, "after I finished washing the floors ( yes on a Friday night) I am going to write my BLOG". Trying to eliminate the gaps that threaten to reoccur. So I downed tools and thought - no I am going to write now!!

I was awake early. Real early. Round 5:30 I think. Yes, I just checked. Low and behold - I went online and SKYPED with Kylie, Steve and Indy from 5:41 till 6:05 local time. It was wonderful. Not only did I get to meet my granddaughter for the first time - Summah, Charlie, Danni and Archie accompanied Toni into the room as well. What fun! How cool. Did do a pang thought though " now Reece, Ros, Kirk and Max and then the family would be complete. I'm not greedy, not unsatisfied at all. Honestly, I couldn't have been happier with this gift. It was awesome - but surely it isn't strange to want to include everyone in such a "first time moment?"

I know the photo isn't very clear, but the moment in my mind is. I had to take this with my camera off the computer screen. Not bad all things considered. Four kiddies in a row on the window seat and Kylie accepting a snack from the bowl Toni is holding in front of her! Steve was left holding the baby. What a proud dad. His eyes just shone a thousand watt lights looking at Indi. I was euphoric being able to 'be' there on this special day- not in person but at least visiting by means that were available. A trip Down Under right now just ins't possible for a number of reasons.

After my "visit"  with the kids I had a Skype contact with an old friend - by old I mean 'from way back'. V, she is gorgeous. Am so proud of her, after 40 years she stopped smoking and is changing her whole life style. She is an inspiration that woman. Will share her story sometime. What a treasure and I am allowed to call her 'friend'. Anyway, I was on cloud 9, with my talk about Indi's arrival and sharing oma stories.

Downstairs I carried on my cloud 9 emotions after my two visits " Down under". It set the mood for the day that's for sure. I washed a couple of loads of washing, totally stripped our bedroom and managed to get into nooks and crannies that even they didn't realise existed. Took the electric blanket off the bed - maybe too soon but oh well, no going back now. Shopped, tidied, sent cards off in the post before 5pm ( or else they don't get lifted till Sunday evening). Cooked dinner, cleaned up, ironed and folded the washing, washed some more floors and am now sitting here thinking, who cares about what you did today?

More important is that I mailed friends and relatives with the glad tidings, that I received umpteen congrats messages that made me proud and happy as a sand boy/girl. That the txt messages kept peeping in... and that we had " beschuit met muisjes"  a dutch tradition when a baby is born. My treat naturally. First at our neighbour's home, Mrs van de Graaf. A regular group of people come over for coffee at 10am. There are a few regulars and all know at 10 am the coffee is ready. Pa ( or for the kids opaopa) and my brother in law Arie called in - coffee and more bischuit met muisjes. Pink ones, of course. What a great way to welcome Indo to the family.

I spent today " being oma". Humming, kept looking at her photo and just beaming. My life is good, my life is blessed, my life is living and loving.... I am a rich person with untold treasures. Mine to enjoy and share with others.

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