Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The meaning of Life: by Rick Warren

It is Wednesday evening. A balmy summer evening, the first ( of many?) this summer. What words of
wisdom, what experience did I have today that marks this day and makes it special?

Today I read another chapter in a book I am currently reading- and meet with others every Wednesday to discuss the book and it's content. The title: The purpose of Driven Life- what on Earth am I here for? written by Rick Warren, 2002. 

We take it one step at a time, reading one chapter a week even though the book suggests a chapter a day!! Too much info and food for thought. So we mull it over, discuss and let things sink in and find a spot to settle into.

I have read many books similar to this one - and one book in particular is the driving force behind the intention of the author. That is the bible. A collection of writings in which teachings are entwined with humour, honesty, expectations, requests and specific guidelines in how we ought to conduct ourselves.

What makes this weekly event so valuable to me is that while listening to others air their views and interpretations I find I am not alone in my quest to try to live as best a life as I know how - to be the person I was designed to be. Taking into account all the failings, doubts, insecurities and keenness to know more, which are part of my personality. To identify and develop the talents I have been given. To achieve and strive for more. I am not in it alone.

The past few weeks have been focussed on forgiveness, the human trait of felling judgement and of gossip. HUGE!! I think these subjects will take more than a week each to find their way and leave the necessary wisdom and tools I need to use to put into practice what is required of me. Someone said ( and rightly so) each chapter could have a whole book dedicated to it. That would mean 3 more books to read!

Anyway, my Wednesdays evenings are great. Spent in the company of a diverse group of people who stimulate, enthuse and challenge my thinking.

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