Monday, 18 June 2012

A too full an agenda

Having spent a restless night with VERY little sleep I found myself being agitated at little hitches that plagued my day.

After a rather heavy storm which passed overhead I picked up pa and we ordered the bits and bobs for the family day on Wednesday.

Later on I took the waterbus/ferry to Dordrecht so I could complete the purchases for my cousin Trees in NZ. My cousin René is going over next Sunday. He will be able to see how things are with oom Wim and also be there when Trees and oom Wim celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

I spent the rest of the day working on the 2 sites really. Looking around for some more site information, writing some bits and bobs and trying to get my head round my strategie on that book I am wanting to get out.

The next couple of days will be activities for the up and coming family day, as I need to bake and get the rest of the catering organised. Do love doing that though.... I don't work outside the home at present and that may just be as well.

My eyes are stinging a bit - must be the fatigue and lack of sleep so won't be making it too late tonight.

Had a phone call from Pieter Megens. My mentor and coach from a few years back. I don't believe in coincidences and his timing was perfect. Will go and see him next Monday. Weather wise if in favour we will go for a boat jaunt in his new launch. I've only seen it in it's raw state with Pieter himself wanting to complete the interior himself.

It'll be good to run my ideas past him and pick up the necessary wise comments and advice.

Well, signing off tonight not feeling like I have written what I wanted but at least managed to stay awake long enough to do what I set out to do.

My bed is calling me, I can hear it......... ttfn and till tomorrow.

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