Sunday, 24 June 2012

It is Sunday- a gift!

A day of rest- a gift

Sunday, a day of rest. And that is what we are doing. Taking it easy - but not by being inactive. A phone call to an aunt, a phone call to pa and two visits to show we care, family we care day!

People who are no longer in their youthful years but aging. Ma Netten- 81 years old and already farewelled a husband and daughter ( Leen's first wife), tante Jaantje at 85 and a widow for the past 20 years, not in good health. Pa-, alone for the past 15 years and at 84 still trying to stay independant. Tante Lien 'only' 72, farewelled 2 husbands  and last Friday lost her nephew who was like a son to her. Our Sunday- a day to give our time and attention to those dear to us.

That doesn't mean others aren't as special. A visit to my children would have been awesome to have been able to make, but isn't on the cards just at present. A visit to other family members... will also happen but not today! For now, we made a choice and on another Sunday others will see us appear on their doorstep.

Family, blood ties or not, people who are dear to us. People who play a part in our lives- near or far. Time, one of our most precious gifts - and the love we share. It is Sunday!

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