Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Good news? Why not.....

As soon as I woke I realised I had not written my BLOG yesterday. That brassed me off no end. Still, it isn't the end of the world, life went on and another day started. I put it out of my mind...and tackled the day. The sun was out and I couldn't be happier. Garden time today.

Before I even had my first cuppa I spoke to Trees who was online. She told me that oom Wim's surgery had gone well, though it was an arduous 4 1/2 hours worth. There wasn't really any startling statements or predictions made. Too early for that. Slowly my tummy ache eased.... I knew I was concerned, but to the level that I now realised I was came as a surprise.

Next was my dearest friend Robyn ( Napier, NZ) on Skype. And while we were nattering and catching up... her daughter Jody and wee Benjamin came on screen. How cool was that? Benjamin burbeled away and was all smiles. I do so love starting my day with a Skype or two.

I spent a short time reading the paper, checked my email and stuff then went to have my legs massaged. A whole 45 minutes of being spoilt. Makes me feel soooo good.

The afternoon was spent in the garden...no first at my neighbour's place..we hadn't chinwagged for a while. And what do I hear, they might shift. I can honestly say that I have NEVER had such a wonderful couple next door. There is a possibility that they might add on, but their house is a monumental design and there are strict guidelines about what can and can't be done. Bother it all. That will be a dark sad day, should they decide to leave. I'm hoping for an extension.

The garden looks great. Need more seasonal plants now to fill the gaps where the bulbs were in the spring. Will make it bright and cheery this summer. The garden was renovated last year so it is still in a build up stage. What I have learnt is: don't hang bird seed feeders above your flower garden in winter. It turns it into a lawn in the spring.

After dinner I went to my "accross the way" neighbour, Dicky. We sorted heaps of photos so in a couple of weeks we will embark on another album making journey. Cool.

It is 23:45 and time to close. Will do my best to limit the gaps..... Nite nite!

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