Saturday, 23 June 2012


A long day, satisfying and a full day and tiring day.....

Airing the bedding a springtime chore!
It started by getting the groceries at 8 am, walked to the vege market at 10 am with Leen and off to " the keet" in the Hollandse Biesbosch bij 11:30.

I slept like a baby last night. Without a care in the world.

Yesterday a prayer was answered. Funnily enough I just read a piece about not worrying and how we are told that to worry is to not have confidence that the Lord will provide.

Sometimes I feel so silly- I know that prayer and conversing with God helps, yet when I feel really stressed I seem to forget that lifeline, and I did just that.

So today, after feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I felt ready to conquer the world and enjoy all which may come on my path.

And just as well I had the energy needed to do all that was required. We, a small group of enthusiasts, are guides in this National Park. We are responsible for preserving and passing on information about this area, it's purpose and history. That brings with it responsibilities and tasks so we can do history  and the people who made it, justice.

We tell visitors about how important this area and the willow that grows here was, and still is, for the dutch culture and water projects. That the hardships here were unthinkable in todays world and that the living and working conditions would challenge any hardy person and now, this piece of the universe is history.

We are in charge of a small brick dwelling we call a 'keet'. We maintain this dwelling in a state of usefulness and the way it may have looked in 1935-40. We are proud to tell others about this way of life that has now been delegated to the past.

Curious about this subject and special place, leave me a message and I will explain in more detail.

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