Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My first ( missed) Monday

It happened. I did it! I missed a day. Well I didn't miss a day, I fell asleep on the couch and didn't get to write my blog before midnight. I won't let that get me down... Onward and upward. I'll try not to leave too many gaps this year.

Now I have two days to write about. Enough impressions to fill the pages. It were two of the most different days one could imagine.

Yesterday was wet, cold and dreary, inside as well as outside ( well that dreary bit anyway). I spent nearly all day in my wee office trying to get some of my admin done, paid a bill for repairs on my car and my road tax. Then I got stuck into my two websites.

Leen was busy with his work and the day passed without any great dramas, unexpected happenings or eventful anythings. After a sandwich Leen went and picked up pa-his dad. They had an appointment at the bank. Sorting out power of attorney and signing rights ( just in case). A very sensible thing to have in place. Pa is 84 and although still capable of lots of his own care.... One never knows what's round the corner.

After the banking business was settled they went to look at a replacement car for pa. At present pa's drivers licence is up for renewal and he needs to go for an eye test. Could be that in November pa no longer has his license. It may also be that he passes the tests and does still have his mobility. Pa wants another car and it was time to look for one. Should he not be allowed to drive after October the company have told him they will buy back the car. Pa is happy. Now the eye test.

Leen cooked dinner... It was lovely. I spent so much time working on my sites Leen felt the need to provide me with dinner. Can't be all bad. On my mind all day was the possibility that Kylie, my daughter- in- law, might start her labour and the closer to evening it got  the more I started also thinking about my oom Wim, my dad's youngest brother living in New Zealand. He was due to have bowel surgery. The later it got here, the earlier it got in New Zealand the closer the operation came. I fell asleep on the couch thinking about oom Wim, my dad and all those hit by this cruel " thing" we call cancer.

That was my Monday.

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