Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saturday- Biesbosch day

Another Saturday...sunshine and a good mood!

Saturday morning.

07:00 Leen was up early as he had to be at the Visitor's Centre Hollandse Biesbosch, Dordrecht to greet the guests who had booked a kayaking trip. He and another guide were to accompany them through the Hollands Biesbosch, trying to spot birds and beavers.

10:30 off to buy a gift for our hosts where we are going for dinner tonight. Then on to the Biesbosch where I am to join Leen.

11:00 onboard the "Otter"  and off to the keet! There to share info to those walking the interesting walkway " Griend Museum Pad".

The weather was GREAT. We (Leen and I ) were accompanied by Rien and Frans - also keen guides and hard workers on our project.

We have a " group of 5"  who are responsible for the tourists who venture into  the park and walk in the area where we keep ourselves busy with the historical aspect of the Griend. We tell people how it was here in years gone by.

A "griend"  is a willow tree orchard/area which is controlled by the tide. Willows like wet feet. Many moons ago the willow branches were used for spade and other tool handles because of it's flexible and long lasting properties. It had many other uses too, including being used to make the
" mats"  on which our dikes are built. Enough history. Saturday, A sunny and most enjoyable day! May there be many more of the same.

16:30 Back in the boat and off home. Shower and get dressed for dinner out. The mayor and his wife have invited us for dinner. We get along extremely well on a personal level and they decided it was time we had a cosy evening together at home instead of always at formal occasions. It was a hugely successful evening with delicious food and great conversation.

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