Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A family gathering

Wednesday 20 June 2012. is the date for the 32 nd annual Family Fish Day.

For the past 33 years Leen's family, on his mum's side, have held a family day. This entailes gathering together at around 9:30 am, drinking a cuppa while re-aquainting with relatives only sighted once a year. Then the fun begins.

The theme has always been ' fishing'. That means, you draw a number, get allocated a fishing spot, catch fish ( yeah right) have it measured and flip it back into the water. During the fishing period, the contestants ( and others) are watered and fed at the waters edge. A halt is called at 12:30 with an hour for lunch - I just buttered 80 bread rolls and 20 currant buns and baked 3 cakes doubling the recipes so as to have enough to go round!

Then there is a second draw. Another fishing spot and the fishing starts again till 16:30. The catch is kept a secret from all contestants. No-one knows how " long" the fish is and from who. Not till dinner and the trophy is handed over.

Drinkies at the end of the fishing spree...then a quick change and off to the restaurant for dinner. The attendance varies as some come all day, some join after lunch and others come for dinner. After all these years the event still attracts many family members, we now have 4 generations attending.

Seeing the whole family is present I use the occasion too to celebrate special moments of my own- so the birth of my granddaughter got the appropriate attention

Families- fun- support - friendship.

More tomorrow, now it's time for bed, an early start in the morning.

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