Friday, 8 June 2012

Another child is born

Here we go again, another gap and so soon.

Yesterday was a weird day. I was restless but from about 4pm on I was so restless and couldn't concentrate on anything. And would you believe it? Kylie, my daughter - in - law was in labour. Wow!! I wasn't aware she was, but since this morning I know that she started labour round the same time as I felt uncomfortable.

I had kidded Kylie about the birthday for the new born - to take the place on my dad's birthday, the 7th June. Well yesterday was the 7th June, here in Nederland and no phone call. I had worked out that by 2pm local time if I hadn't heard then the baby wouldn't make it on that date.

And sure enough no call came. The day rolled on while I cleaned the chook pen and rabbit cage, fluffed around with small stuff. Unsettled as I was it was hard to concentrate on anything in particular.

In the evening I attended a book presentation. A few weeks ago I received the invitation to be present at the presentation of the book Theba - Thera ( dutch version). I kept my phone on quiet but on my lap so I would notice if a message came in- and low and behold!! It did. " Mum would you ring Steve pls. He can't txt you". Toni x. ( Toni being my oldest child- a daughter so sweet). My son Steve obviously had something to tell!!!

I rushed out of the presentation hall and went to where the " drinkies"  were to be served, sat down, rang and spoke to Steve- obviously in English. " Mum" , he said, "mum we have a daughter. Just born 27 minutes ago..... Her name will be Indi Johanna Simmonds!" Oh me, oh my.  A healthy bubbling baby. Blessed are we all. Not only that. I have the privilege of sharing my name with Indi. My granddaughter. She and I now both carry my mother's name, Johanna. Oh wow! I was crying and laughing all at the same time. There were some ladies standing round who were there to hand out drinks and books - they were all looking and smiling and talking amongst themselves. It must have been quite a sight. I also came to realise- it was still the 7th of June in the Netherlands. Due to the time difference- I still received the news of Indi's birth on my dad's birthday! Quircky.

When the call ended someone pushed a glass of wine in my hands and congratulated me..then the other ladies joined me all curious as to what just happened. Very surreal. Here I was, only knowing the author and his wife at this presentation. The other 120 or so people were complete strangers. I gulped down my wine and sped home - oh no-one home! That's right, Leen is at a council meeting. Then knocked on the neighbours door, Geert-Jan took one look and asked " en oma wat is it geworden?"  He poured me a coffee and we chatted a while. I was so bubbly. Once home reality hit me and I had a " oma moment". No first born cuddles, no yummy baby smells, no mother and son hugs, no Kylie and mum hugs, no Summah bouncy bounce. Oh dear. I got quite morbid.

Leen arrived home just in time. We sat up for a wee while, Leen toasting Indi's arrival and me, just thinking. Time for bed. welcome Indi Johanna Simmonds.

Oma loves you!

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