Thursday, 21 June 2012

I digress

I promised to write about family today.

And I spent lots of time on the subject matter while mowing three lawns and trimming plenty of trees. Glad I did too, heaps to do and needed dry weather to do it in.

Now the weather changed. Code orange. About half an hour ago it was total bedlam outside.... Sirens whisked past so someone had a bad experience. Maybe flash flooding. Who knows.

How intricate the weather system is. Yesterday we had our Family day. Lightly and partly cloudy, plenty of warm moments, licht breeze, around 20 degrees. Today, lighter sky till noon, then cloudy, VERY warm- 24 degrees and humid.

Tonight 100 kph winds, heavy thunder and lightening and torrential rain. It is wind still now, a sort of weird after that violence. Leen is at a meeting at the City Council. I'm off to bed early....whacked after extreme physical work today. Nothing much on tv. Summer season- all reruns.

So, the family story will have to wait.

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