Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Travel Light

Morning world. How was your day yesterday? As good as mine? I hope so. I will start at the end and work my way into a good theme. Have so many themes in my head - every day I am touched by people and their circumstance that I learn more each day.

Left of the text is a logo of a Trust called 'Traveling Light'. A play on words, you understand!

Marja en Jan Verschoor have dedicated their lives to God and those needing help to re-integrate into the world without drugs and violence. Traveling Light is a trust deeply devoted to this cause and I cannot say anything else but that I have a deep respect for Marja and Jan in what and how they do what they do.

Marja spreads the news, alerts people about the activities and makes announcements for necessary fundraisers. Marja is an author and has a number of Blogs ( dutch and English) so as to keep everyone up to date, informed and enthused. Jan is a born servant of God's word. He is a frequent guest speaker and preacher in churches, at gatherings and the like. A wise man.

It strikes me, how come some people are so committed, enthusiastic, totally focussed? Yes, Marja would like a larger kitchen, new furniture and 'worldly' things as would Jan in a very modest way. They are never out of work, relocating elsewhere if the need arrises. They are so confident that the Lord will see to it that their income fits the budget they need to meet their daily needs. They are what I call ' beautiful people'.

Marja and Jan love to travel, they also prefer to travel light taking only the bare necessities with them. Their preference and their life's philosophy lent itself to an appropriate name for their trust. They also love to shine the light of their God into the lives of others, helping those in dark times, to see again.

Marja is also a writer of books, an authoress of some standing having been awarded the Literature Prize for Religious books in the states last year. There are 5 books out on the commandments of which 4 in English and one translated into dutch. Book number 5 is on it's way I believe.

Marja doesn't write about what we are asked NOT to do, but about what she thinks we SHOULD be doing! That the commandments aren't 'don't do this and don't do that' rules, but a litany of how we should live. So, not ' do not steal' but give, share- help. She also points out that it isn't only in money or things we are guilty of ' taking what isn't ours, but also in time, in friendships and in not sharing that we are taking away from others instead of enriching lives. Anyway, that in a nutshell to make you curious.

Like I said at the start... I keep meeting people who inspire me, touch me and shape me and Jan and Marja Verschoor (Meijers)  are 2 of those people. Through them I have met so many more. They have shone their light on me too and I thank them for that. I now need to be guided by that light to discover where my path leads...........

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