Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fishing fun

What a day.... Sunshine, that was a surprise.

A mammoth record fish caught, and ....saved the best for last: a new baby and all that on today the 32nd annual family day. One new family member, born during our annual family get together. How wonderful is that?

Tantje Jaantje proud to be great (oma) grandmother. Leen's cousin Adrie a proud ( opa) grandad of his first grandson, already having two cutie pie granddaughters.

It brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps on my arms...... Shucks.

Today we celebrated Indi's arrival. Now that is reason to celebrate.

I am going to muse over this phenomena- family and being an oma. After a good night's rest I will have a clearer head about what I want to say over that matter.

It was a busy day.... Drinks, coffee, food for all and being the chief kitchen hand I was rushed of my feet. They need an early night and it is 23:30 already. Nite nite for now and till tomorrow.

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